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Dope Dyed Yarns

European Spinning Group offers one of the largest collections of dope dyed yarn in the world. The environmentally friendly spun-dyeing process ensures excellent colourfastness and stability for our more than 15.000 shades.

Creative blending and adding of natural fibers, such as linen and wool bring unique colour-effects.

Rotorspun Yarns

Ne 6 - Ne 30
> 15.000 Colours
100% Dope Dyed Viscose
Blended Yarns
Based on
Dope Dyed Viscose
Dope Dyed Polyester
Pigment Dyed Acrylic
Modacrylic - Kanecaron® FR
FR Polyester


Open-end spinning

Dope Dyed Yarns - Open End Spinning - European Spinning GroupDope Dyed Yarns
Technical Yarns - Open End Spinning - European Spinning GroupTechnical Yarns
Cotton/Cellulosic Yarns - Open End Spinning - European Spinning GroupCotton/Cellulosic Yarns
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