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ESG News | March, 14th 2023

Learning about how clothing is made and textile recycling has never been so easy

Brussels, Belgium - The SCIRT project launches its year-long awareness campaign. Gathering insight from reports and results from the research and trials conducted in the project, SCIRT will share educational and informative details on the textile industry, recycling and how to shop sustainably.

The SCIRT project, which has been active for the past year and a half, has 18 partners from five countries, and aims to accelerate the transition to a circular fashion system through technological innovation in textile-to-textile recycling. Coordinated by VITO, an independent Flemish research organization in the cleantech and sustainable development sector, the EU-funded SCIRT project is working on a closed-loop recycling solution for discarded post-consumer textiles, stimulating conscious design and production practices, creating new business opportunities by boosting activity within textile value chains, and increasing public awareness of the environmental and social impacts of textile consumption.

With the EU strategy for Sustainable and Circular Textiles having been launched for a year and increasing curiosity and concern growing from consumers about where their clothing is coming from and going, access to sharable information and resources has never been more important. Over the span of the year, the SCIRT social media accounts (LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram) will be active in publishing informative content as part of its awareness campaign. Using content gathered from the partners and collaborators in the industry, the topics at hand will cover 1) the main challenges of the fashion industry, 2) the supply chain, what goes into each step and what the circular textile industry looks like, 3) textiles and quality 4) labels and certifications, 5) recycling and SCIRT and, 6) recommendations for shopping sustainably. The campaign will feature factsheets and infographics, short videos, as well as partner features in podcasts and quizzes to inform and educate followers.

To connect to the SCIRT Awareness Campaign, follow the hashtag #SCIRTinformed on Twitter and Instagram accounts.

- Fashion companies: Bel&Bo, HNST, Decathlon, Xandres, Petit Bateau
- Research organisations: VITO, CETI, Prospex Institute
- Universities: BOKU, TU Wien, ESTIA
- Industry players: Altex, AVS Spinning - European Spinning Group (ESG), Valvan
- SMEs:, FFact
- Non-profit organisations: Flanders DC, IID-SII

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