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ESG News | July, 14th 2021

High visit in the spinning mill

The Flemish government is releasing funds to help transform the manufacturing textile and technology industry towards a circular manufacturing industry.

Currently, too much old textile disappears into the incinerator and used electronics are also thrown away, but both contain valuable and still usable raw materials.

By focusing on the circular economy, as many as 30,000 jobs can be created by 2030, says Minister Crevits.
ESG is a good example of a company that is already betting on circular production. Here, high-quality yarns are produced from discarded jeans, which are used to make new products. In this way, the material remains in the loop.

Before the tour of the spinning mill began, Hilde Crevits donated her old jeans at Ariadne Innovation's Ellie.Boutique.
On the interactive booth, #hackyourjeans products were presented, they are all high-quality products who use the ESG Green yarn.

#hackyourjeans connects companies that make high-quality products from the ESG Green yarn based on recycled jeans and helps interested parties to get started with the yarn.

The #hackyourjeans project will make sure these jeans will receive a meaningful second life after recycling.
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