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ESG News | September, 10th 2018

Spinning of the HNST yarn

In the production of a jeans that wants to kick some ass to the current standard, a lot of steps are to be taken and choices to be made. Then again, HNST wouldn't be HNST if they wouldn't share them with you. HNST likes to honour our name and take you through the production process in their blog. Let's be honest about the spinning of our jeans yarn.

From recycled jeans to yarn

After having processed the collected jeans into fibres in Germany, they end up in the expert's hands of the West-Flemish European Spinning Group (ESG). We transform the jeans and TencelĀ© fibres into one quality textile yarn. In the spinning mill the material of various ragged pieces is first mixed, and made into slivers on the preparation line. In order to guarantee a consistent quality, the slivers are mixed a couple of times. Then the spinning machines get to work to spin the sliver into our ultra-thin but super-strong HNST yarn!

Challenging job

Sounds like an easy job, but what exactly makes the spinning of the HNST yarn so special? The biggest challenge in this part of the production process lies in the use of the recycled jeans. Where the format of a new intact cotton fibre, for example, is easy to predict, it is impossible for our denim fabric. This is due to the fact that the fibres are torn during the recycling process, which implies they take on all kinds of forms and sizes.

That's how HNST came to a second big challenge, because their choice for recycled fibres implies they start at an inferior level. Normally, those fibres are used for the production of cleaning fabric or isolation material - low quality products. They've asked us to turn them into high quality jeans yarn: not a simple job, given the percentage of recycled fibres. But after a lot of trial and error, we have succeeded perfectly!

The original article can be found on the HNST website.
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