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ESG News | September, 3rd 2018

Julie Lietaer: European Spinning Group

With its radically different jeans, HNST wants to set a new standard for the fashion industry. A delightful ambitious project, but what do these sustainable jeans really mean and who exactly is behind it? An honest portrait of Julie Lietaer of the spinning mill European Spinning Group.

A fresh breeze

Being responsible for purchasing, strategy and marketing within European Spinning Group (ESG), Julie is an unmissable link in the development of our HNST yarn. Being the third generation in the West-Flemish family business, together with her nephew Karel Ghesquire and their team, she aims to launch something new. "I believe in the cross-fertilization between an established company like ours and a young start-up like HNST. This way, Tom learns from us what exactly is required in the production process and in turn he explains how ESG can adapt itself in order to assist a start-up."

Working to learn

Even though Julie doesn't consider herself an eco-warrior, she likes to contribute to the environment professionally. "The textile industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. Hence it is key to do better on a smaller scale." Because if many smaller textile companies start working in a more sustainable way, this could be a major turnaround. "In my role as communications manager of ESG I regularly speak about circular economy and the role we can play in this being a textile company. By sharing our experiences, we can learn a lot from each other within the sector, and that is what makes this all the more exciting to me."

Circular economy

Normally the spinning mill is one of the first links within the creation process of textile products. "That's why we often don't have a view of the end user. For a circular brand like HNST, it's clear that we don't speak about a starting or ending point and we can work in close collaboration with Tom. Moreover, HNST is a great case to demonstrate the possibilities from a sustainable future perspective within the textile industry."

Therefore, HNST is delighted with an honest and Belgian partner like European Spinning Group!

The original article can be found on the HNST website.
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