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European Spinning Group produces a wide range of flame retardant yarns for protective workwear (PPE) and household textiles (upholstery, curtains, mattress, carpets,...) Creative blending with ecological dope dyed fibers, generate a fashionable yarn collection with technical properties.


Protal Denim

The solution for a permanently flame retardant pair of jeans, that complieswith:
  • EN 11612
  • EN 61482-1-1
  • EN 1149-5
  • EN 11611
  • EN 61482-1-2

A very good color fastness, after multiple washes, makes it the perfectjeans for workwear.

Protal Lifestyle

A fashionable flame retardant solution based on modacrylic blends forflame retardant household applications such as:
  • Mattress EN 597-1& 2 BS 7175
  • Upholstery fabrics BS 5852
  • Carpets EN 13501-1 EN ISO 9239-1
  • Curtains BS 5867

Polyester Flame retardant yarns

A broad collection of standard flame retardant yarns in raw white anddope dyed colors, in various counts.
  • Fiber spun flame retardant yarn
  • Filament flame retardant yarn

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