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The ESG Green collection is an upcycled yarn collection of recycled cotton, recycled denim or recycled polyester, blended with virgin raw white and dope dyed fibres for environmentally friendly circular fabrics with optimal performance. We work closely together with all partners in the circular supply chain to develop this collection further and launched the #hackyourjeans awareness project. Acting now contributes to a better world tomorrow!


Post-Consumer Recycled Cotton and Denim

We are a pioneer in spinning Post-Consumer Recycled Denim. Used jeansare given a second life, creating yarn blends for:
  • Denim
  • Knitwear
  • Workwear
  • Towels
  • Tents

Post-Consumer Recycled Polyester

  • Recycled polyester filament
  • Raw white - Dope dyed
  • GRS certified
  • Recycled polyester spun yarns
  • 100% Polyester and melanges
  • Raw white - Dope dyed
  • GRS certified

#hackyourjeans project

#hackyourjeans is a running co-creation and awareness project resulting from a cooperation between ESG and (social) industry, education, designers and network organisations. The project entails circular product development and awareness creation on project design, eco design, eco awareness and social impact of the circular economy.

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